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The modeling and restraining swimsuit for all silhouettes Discover

Do you know what you are wearing when you put your underwear shirt on? By choosing a Filoscozia®

Boglietti garment you can be sure you have a superior quality product on your skin. The certified Filoscozia

is a yarn produced with noble cotton of the highest quality: long cut and fibres longer than 34/36 mm.

Only the best cotton fibres are selected to be Filoscozia® certified. The excellent quality of the raw material

used allows to obtain garments with intense and bright colours that last over time. Furthermore, thanks to

its thermoregulation properties, an infinite sensation of freshness and well-being on your skin.

Only the best cotton fibers are selected to be certified filoscozia®.

The excellent quality of the raw material used allows to obtain garments with intense and brilliant colors that last over time.

On your skin also, thanks to its thermoregulating properties, an infinite sensation of freshness and well-being.

Ideal for allergy sufferers, Filoscozia® products respect even the most delicate skins. Even after numerous

washes they retain the benefits of the antibacterial treatments to which Filoscozia® is subjected.

The use of synthetic fabrics for garments in contact with the intimate parts often causes annoying burns or

causes a deterioration in the health of the affected part. Problems such as cystitis or some types of

dermatitis are accentuated by the use of synthetic fabric garments. For this reason it is important to choose

natural fabrics, produced with care and respect, for a unique well-being.

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