Therapeutic Properties


Wearing the right colours in underwear and pajamas can not only make our day more pleasant, but also positively affect our well-being.

Each colour has a specific energy that can influence our mood and emotional state. When we wear underwear or pajamas of a certain colour, we can benefit from the colour's therapeutic properties.

For example, blue can help us relax and reduce stress, PURPLE and GREEN can induce relaxation and facilitate sleep. PINK can promote love and self-esteem, while YELLOW can increase vitality and happiness.


Energy Reserve

COLOURS: energising or relaxing?

The choice of colours in underwear can directly influence our mood and energy during the day.

During the day, wearing RED underwear can increase passion and self-confidence, while BLUE underwear can provide a feeling of calm and tranquillity. For an energising effect, YELLOW can be an excellent choice. It is important to experiment with colours to find the ones that best suit our personal needs and make us feel comfortable.

WHITE, classic and refined, is an ideal choice for creating a calm atmosphere in which to relax.

The conscious choice of colours in underwear and pajamas can greatly improve our rest and thus our general well-being.


Harmony of colours


When choosing underwear and pajamas, it is important to consider our skin colour, eyes and hair to create a colour harmony that enhances our natural beauty.

For example, if we have a fair complexion, pastel colours and lighter shades such as pink and light blue can give us a radiant appearance. On the other hand, dark skins can benefit from bright colours such as red and orange that create an eye-catching contrast.

Experimenting with different shades and finding the ones that make us feel good can have a positive impact on our daily life and our inner balance. What are you waiting for?

Bring some colour and cheer into your life too!