The history of Boglietti. Since 1867 is a fascinating tale that unravels over one hundred and fifty years while always retaining a great passion for the contemporary.

Giuseppe Boglietti, our founder, was a modern, visionary man, passionate about yarns and technology.

He would look up to Boglietti today with admiration because, as then, we are characterised by a passion for things well done, for style and for innovation.

This is the spirit we preserve and like to pass on.


Boglietti develops women's clothing and beachwear collections under the Stefania Canavesi and Kristal brands.

Each of these has specific characteristics, all of which combine important industrial know-how with a vision that is always highly innovative in the proposal.

Innovation that is not superficial fashion fascination but is constant change in the development of fabrics, models and shapes while always maintaining the necessary focus on our core values: Continuity and Quality.


The Boglietti basic underwear is a collection of essential items that are never lacking in the wardrobe.

Our offer is immediately available with delivery in 24/48 hours.

Essential, primary, 100% cotton or mixed items for any need.

In different colours and with a proposal for sizes for every need.