Customised pajamas and underwear: the new frontier of exclusivity

Embroidered digits, acronyms and initials make a nightwear or underwear garment unique in style and a perfect gift to impress. Identity also passes through customisation. 

What makes a product exclusive? This question has long been asked by the fashion world, which, especially in the online sales business, is constantly looking for new services to attract consumer interest.

Amongst these, '"customisation" is carving out a prominent role for itself: a formula that offers a unique shopping experience. "Customer-friendly" has, in recent years, become a diktat that, in addition to responding to the '"uniqueness" needs of each buyer, promotes a new corporate policy that makes differentiation and enhancement its pillars.

By offering the possibility of customising a product, in fact, brands not only give each customer an experience strongly tailored to his or her needs, tastes and requirements, but also communicate the values that distinguish them in terms of craftsmanship, excellence and uniqueness.

Customised garments to feel "unique"

That customisation would be an important channel to pursue had already been confirmed in 2017 by the Fashion Tech Insight survey, conducted annually by the Piepoli Institute and covering the main trends in the fashion world. This survey showed that almost 50% of Millennials - those born between 1980 and 2000, ed. - were willing to pay up to 40% more for made-to-measure garments and accessories, customised in every detail, as well as for products specifically made for them. Not '"limited editions", therefore, but "unique editions". In the last five years, this demand has been growing further, testifying to a new buying style and a renewed approach in the way consumers look for their clothes. Consumers who today shun all that is standardised driven by the desire to differentiate themselves from the masses and assert their individuality. Offering unique and original proposals has therefore become a valid strategy to be attractive and competitive on the market, as well as to win over low-cost competition. Customisation and personalisation are therefore the ways forward to uniquely express character and identity.

Nightwear and underwear with embroidered initials: from decoration to gift

From Descartes' "I think therefore I am" to "I personalise therefore I am" is a short and meaningful step. To put one's initials on a shirt, a T-shirt or a pair of boxers is to assert oneself and give a clear imprinting to one's style, even when it comes to nightwear and underwear items such as, for example, pajamas, tank tops or boxers which, traditionally belonging to the intimate sphere, thus acquire even greater expressive force if they have a personal imprint. Boglietti also believes in this and offers the possibility of personalising its pajamas or underwear with embroidered numbers and initials of the name on the basis of a graphic character and thread colouring selected according to individual taste. Not only is this a quirk that has the merit of making each proposal identifiable, but also a valuable feature for a gift that wants to be remembered.