There is one garment that more than others is evocative of convenience, comfort, relaxation and well-being? Definitely the pajama! This outfit, in fact, in the collective imagination, evokes sleep, a good night's sleep and rest after a long day of work and commitments. This is why giving it as a present means wishing peace and serenity, recovery of strength and relaxation. But that's not all. The intimacy it suggests makes it a gift of love, because it is linked to personal moments, and of "closeness", both physical and emotional. A gift that, precisely because of all its symbolism, cannot but be appreciated by the mother who receives it. Wrapping it up for her party is equivalent to embracing and pampering her well beyond the celebration that has been dedicated to her. What really matters is to choose the right one for her, capable of dressing her nights in comfort and making her feel "good" even in the world of dreams.  

How to choose pajamas to give on 8 May?  

If for Mother's Day pajamas are a gift solution that will surely be appreciated, when choosing it is advisable to take into consideration, in addition to the tastes of the recipient, a series of characteristics that make it valuable in promoting a peaceful sleep. In order to get the best sleep, it is necessary to avoid stiff garments, which constrict movement and, in contact with the skin, produce an unpleasant sensation. Instead, the ideal are garments made of the highest quality fabrics, with shaping specifically designed to wrap without restricting, comfortable to wear and pleasant to the touch. Without forgetting the aesthetic factor, entrusted not only to the design, but also to the colour palette, patterns and designs. Winning in the Boglietti women's pajama collection for spring/summer 24, for example, are pastel shades ranging from light blues to pink, from cream to beige to mélange greys, yellows and lilacs. The night look is softened by lace inserts, capes and scallops on pajamas and nightgowns.   Some ideas to wrap up? The "Cora" pajamas, which pick up on the classic men's shirt-jacket but outline the revers and cuffs in white, or "Carola" which colours 100% cotton jersey in lilac.



Women's nightgowns: lace, frills and ... personal style

That the nightgown is a feminine garment by DNA is suggested by its design, capable of defining the body by enhancing its strong points, its length and the details that peep out here and there between necklines and borders. Lace, frills and plays of transparency invite gentle seduction, also entrusted to the selection of colours. Classic and sensual black and white alternate with pastel or "energy-rich" nuances, which tell a lot about the person who chooses them or the mother for whom they are designed. What gives a nightgown a feminine feel, however, is above all the style of the person wearing it, her natural charm or the liveliness that defines her character. Boglietti's “Candy”, for example, winks at the mum with a basic style, thanks to its light pink shade, its short sleeves, its rounded collar, its minimal lines and its essential aesthetics. Dedicated to those who seek sophistication even while sleeping is the "Carmen" garment, which combines a tank top version bodice with a sleeve lapel adorned with light ton sur ton lace with a delicate, full-length end piece. The chic mother can only thank you!