There are areas where the differences, physiological ones, between men and women are reduced to zero. Contexts where "he" and "she" travel at the same speed, united by a desire for well-being that goes beyond gender: because feeling good is a pleasure that admits no distinctions. A sensation to which both psychological and physical factors contribute, ranging, for example, from serenity in facing the problems that life presents daily, to the decision of what to wear to feel at ease. A choice that concerns not only garments for the outdoors, but especially the most intimate ones that, in close contact with the skin, are both a cuddle and safety. Cuddling for the enveloping sensation, for the embrace they give and for the absence of constriction they produce, safety for the containment and protection they guarantee. But that's not all. Underwear is also a weapon of seduction when lace and transparencies, for her, and shaping that enhances the physique, for him, peep out. All these requirements go hand in hand with other characteristics that are indispensable for feeling comfortable: impeccable quality of the fabrics used, maximum comfort and attractive aesthetics. When all these elements come together, it is not surprising that T-shirts intended to be concealed by knitwear or shirts emerge and take centre stage. Especially when intended for the female audience.   



What does a woman look for in her underwear?

When it comes to underwear, women do not allow for any middle ground: it must be pleasant to the skin, with fine yarns that caress like a massage, shape the body by enhancing its strong points, not cutting corners when it comes to femininity, and make one feel comfortable throughout the day. Whether they are tops or tank tops with narrow or wide sleeves, half-sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirts, with a rounded collar or generous neckline, what makes the difference is the feeling of well-being that is generated in the wearer, who not only feels good in their clothes, but also sees themselves as beautiful. Putting the aesthetic component under the lens is the study of refined and sophisticated details, which, for example, at Boglietti are never left to chance. If wool and silk, but also wool and cotton, pure wool, stretch modal, Filoscozia and plush cotton, for the most chilly, are the main yarns to offer pleasantness, tulle, lace, trims, scalloping and capes are instead the details that make even basic shaping underwear feminine. Thus, the "Lady" tank tops, "Romilda" tops, or "Longlife" tops will appeal to women who love essential underwear, while "Lucilla" will win over those who want to leave a mark. No "mark", on the other hand, by choosing stretch cotton or the combination of cotton and micromodal, which contains with discretion and comfort. 


The diktats of men's underwear

Comfort and extreme ease are the keywords for men's underwear, which must not be lacking in matters of coziness. Briefs and boxers must contain but not compress, while T-shirts and undershirts must enhance and protect. Extreme softness and warmth on the skin are in fact atout for the man who for his underwear relies on basic design and excellent yarns such as stretch cotton, micromodal and Filoscozia. Boglietti also thinks of those who suffer from the cold, proposing the pure heavy wool of "Longlife".